Life Quest Game Review

You have just graduated from high school and are about to embark on your Life Quest! What path do you want to take, and what kind of career do you want to aim for? A CEO or a fashion designer maybe? Choose the career path of your dreams and make your mark on the city. Buy a home, find the love of your life, start a family and become the envy of all your high school friends at your reunion party!

Life Quest is a life and career simulation game that takes you from the time you graduate from high school till you reach the pinnacle of your career. The theme is similar to the best-selling The Sims series, as well as casual games such as My Life Story. You choose a career path and start earning money so you can pay the bills, buy the luxury items of your dreams, and improve your skills and quality of life.

Life Quest begins at your high school graduation ceremony. Your school principal tells the class that you can be whatever you want to be, and that your career and life will depend on the things you do and the choices you make. Feeling confident, you move to the big city to get things started, but all you have is a small cramped rental apartment and the clothes on your back. Luckily for you, your big sister is around to show you the ropes and help you make your decisions as you get ready to go on the greatest adventure of your life.

The overall goal of the game is to achieve the pinnacle of success in your career, home and family. Your choices on the path you take to achieve that goal is nearly limitless. You can choose a career in many sectors, including education, automotive, fashion and fitness to name just a few. You will have to decide whether you want to buy or rent a home. You will also need to prioritize how you want to improve yourself in order to become more efficient and get better jobs.

There are 5 primary stats to worry about in Life Quest, besides the all-important money. The first stat is “time”, which determines how much you can get done in a day. This can be increased by improving your fitness, which can be done by going swimming, lifting weights, going for a yoga class etc. The next stat is “happiness”, as being unhappy will make you sleep in and therefore get less things done the next day. Happiness can be improved by achieving life goals, shopping and watching a movie among others.

The next 3 stats are “charm”, “intellect” and “practicality”. These are crucial as they determine what type of jobs you are able to apply for. High charm will allow you to become a dancer, salesman or other similar professions. High intellect will let you apply for jobs in the education field. High practicality is crucial for technical jobs such as a car repairman. Higher-paying jobs such as a CEO or lecturer will require a high combination of these stats, and some will also require training in a particular skill or being an expert in another job. For example, you need to be an expert seamstress in order to progress to become a fashion buyer, and a CEO will require a business degree in addition to having high charm and intellect.

However, these stats don’t just open up jobs for you, but have other benefits as well. Charm will allow you to impress your dates, while intellect will allow you to master new skills more quickly. And practicality will allow you to make home improvements more efficiently. You can improve these stats at the local college or university (with the awesome name of Wattamatta U!).

Things can seem complicated and daunting, but thankfully there are short-term milestones to aim for. These come in the form of former schoolmates who have personal goals, and your objective is to achieve those goals before they do (talk about keeping up with the Joneses!). So you will need to get a pet dog before Steve does, and move into a suburban home before Veronica does, and even find a spouse and start a family before Amir does!

There are plenty of things to do in Life Quest in order to achieve your goals. You can buy vehicles to get around town more quickly. You can buy pets, furniture and electronics to increase your happiness and relaxation. You can dine out at a fancy restaurant, go to the movies and even visit the spa. You can even go to the local newspaper to put an ad out for selling your old goods or finding the perfect mate! It is a vibrant town with plenty to do, but don’t get carried away. You’re still supposed to win the race against your former schoolmates.

Life Quest is very well designed game, and feels very complete and fleshed out. The cartoony graphics and the soundtrack are incredibly charming as well. And since there are so many career paths to choose from, the game has a huge replay value. So come on down to the big city and embark on your Life Quest!

Rating: 4.5/5.0